Current Consignors of SS Consignment Policy

The Tack Attic Consignment Agreement
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Items for Consignment:
1. Bridles, bits, harnesses, books, pictures, blankets, and other equine related items and equipment, and riding clothing, including show coats, breeches, riding boots, schooling attire, chaps, half chaps, safety vests, etc. may be accepted for consignment. Items must be in good condition and clean. Items not in good, clean condition will not be accepted. Items that are mailed to Tack Attic in need of cleaning will incur a $20/hour cleaning fee. Saddles are not accepted on consignment with Tack Attic, Strafford Saddlery takes saddles in for Consignment and Tack Attic staff can be available to assist with the intake process for this BY APPOINTMENT.

2. Tack Attic shall determine acceptability of all items and hold the right to refuse and return any items to the Consignor. Items left by Consignor found to have defects shall be donated/disposed of without notice to Consignor.


3. Tack Attic may accept donations of items and will either sell them for their benefit or donate them to charity. 

4. Helmets, dry rotted leather, dangerous tack, or used brushes are not accepted for consignment. 


1. Consignments may be accepted by appointment through or by calling 802-765-4485 during business hours, voicemail is checked but hours vary so email is always best.

2. Consignors mailing items in for consignment, have the option, when items are deemed unacceptable by Tack Attic, of having items returned to Consignor at Consignor’s expense. Consignors who refuse to pre-pay return freight for their items, forfeit all right, title, and interest in such items, which shall be disposed of at the discretion of Tack Attic.

3. Consignor shall receive a copy of the signed Consignment Agreement and an itemized list of all consignment items. 

4. At the time of each consignment, consignor must determine a payment method. Consignors are only paid when items sell and two methods of payment are offered: Store Credit to be used solely on Tack Attic items or check minus applicable fees and commissions (Checks have a $2.00 processing fee). Failure to designate a payment method will result in payment in the form of Tack Attic Store Credit.

5. Tack Attic holds the right to designate prices to all consignment items given staff experience and knowledge of current industry pricing.

6. Unsold goods may be picked up prior to the Contract expiration date with 24 hours notice. 

7. All articles are consigned for a period of 12 months. Consignee reserves the right to discount unsold items; after 4 months unsold items will be discounted 25%, after 8 months 50% of original asking price.

8. Tack Attic will perform outreach to Consignors regarding their unsold items in need of pickup. Any unsold item that remains with Tack Attic after 10 days of the expiration of the Consignment Contract (12 months) becomes property of Tack Attic and may be disposed of as Tack Attic sees fit, including but not limited to donation to a charity. Under no circumstance, will an item be allowed to remain on consignment for more than one calendar year.

Notice to Consignor: The Tack Attic shall use any and all available safeguards in the handling and displaying of consigned goods but has no legal responsibility to items left on consignment. 


Sales and Credit are tracked for each individual item and are issued promptly to each Consignor’s account. If the Consignor has chosen to receive payment via check for items sold, the check shall be issued if the total amount due to the Consignor equals $52.00 or more, otherwise, lesser amounts will be held as credit until $52.00 is reached. Lost checks will be assessed a $35 stop payment fee before a new check is issued. Tack Attic Store Credit expires 14 months after the date it is posted to the Consignor’s account. 

Consignor is solely responsible to track the expiration date of Consignment Contract and any store credit. Consignors may call or email to check their credit balance at any time. Tack Attic will collect a 30% commission on consignment items and the Consignor will receive 70% of the selling price of all items consigned either via Store Credit or Check. Tack Attic will not perform buy outs on items at any time, items must only be consigned and credit issued upon the sale of these goods. Store Credit is not eligible for services such as Tack Shack Blanket Cleaning, Engraving, Tack Restorations, or Saddles through Strafford Saddlery.


 *** This agreement is for current consignors of Strafford Saddlery, an itemized list of your currently consigned products will be emailed to you upon return of a signed copy of this contract ***

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By signing below, you are agreeing that you have read all terms and conditions of Tack Attic’s Consignment Contract.

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